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About Your Visit


Our caring staff wants you to feel welcome from the second you start asking about an appointment at Montana Sky Dermatology. We understand the effects skin conditions have on your everyday life, confidence and well-being.

We will come up with a treatment plan, designed to get you the results you want. Our staff is well trained and highly knowledgeable in our fields. We stay current with the latest research and practices, and we are determined to provide care tailored precisely to your needs.


Bring your completed forms to your initial visit or fax them in advance to:

(406) 558-2844

Patient Intake

Fill out this form or contact us at 406-314-4477 if you would like information about our online patient portal.

Record Release

Fill out this form if we need to request your records be transferred to us from another provider

Minor Consent Form

It is our policy that patients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for initial visits. This in the best interest of all parties, so that we may discuss treatment and/or procedure options for the patient. We understand that work schedules can make it difficult for guardians to be present for all appointments, so follow-up appointments without a guardian may be considered with an appropriate minor release form. However, treatment changes or additional work-up may be deferred at discretion of the provider, if a guardian is absent. This is for the safety of the minor and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. If a minor is seen without a guardian they are responsible to convey information discussed at the appointment.

Notice of Privacy Practice

This notice describes how we may use the medical information you provide us. Please review it carefully.